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How a little Canadian Advisory outperformed every Canadian equity fund over the past 20 years.

Investors who followed the independent advice of The Investment Reporter pocketed gains higher than the top equity fund. That’s right! Two hundred and thirty one per cent higher! Now you can join them!

Year after year, the recommendations of The Investment Reporter have outperformed the major market indexes.

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Think about what that means to the investors who follow the advice of this independent Canadian advisory.

It means profits.

Often very large profits.

In fact, over the past 20 years, the modestly priced Investment Reporter has outperformed every Canadian equity mutual fund.

Here are the facts, as reported by an internationally recognized rating service, a subsidiary of the venerable Dow Jones:

FACT: Over a period of 20 years, from 1996 to year end 2016, The Investment Reporter's stock recommendations enjoyed a compound annualized return of 11.8 per cent. That's a fact!

CheckmarkCompare that with the 20-year compound annualized return for all Canadian equity mutual funds: just 6.0 per cent. The Investment Reporter's very profitable, very specific advice was the runaway winner!

FACT: Of the 40 Canadian equity mutual funds successful enough to stay in business over the past 20 years, the very best couldn’t match The Investment Reporter.

Checkmark The numbers tell the story. The best equity fund in Canada had a 20-year compound annualized return of 10.5 per cent, a very respectable figure, but still short of The Investment Reporter’s 11.8 per cent.

FACT: The 11.8 per cent rung up by The Investment Reporter over 20 years topped the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Checkmark It wasn't even close. The Toronto Stock Exchange's 20-year compound annualized return was 7.4 per cent.

What does this mean to you in dollars and cents?

If you had invested $10,000 in the average Canadian equity fund at the end of April 1996, by the beginning of May 2016 you would now have about $32,071. On the other hand, if you had put $10,000 into The Investment Reporter's recommendations, your return would have been $93,076, a difference of $61,005. That's 190.2 per cent higher!

Profitable performance in troubled markets

“(They) survived the test posed by the worst crash in stock market history” and “Their portfolios have actually made money. Who would have thought it possible?”

— Hulbert Financial Digest

In consistently troubled markets, The Investment Reporter stands out as a beacon of profitable performance for Canadian investors.

Year in and year out, the facts point to stunning performance from Canada’s most respected investment advisory.

This amazing performance may be news to some, but it's a familiar story to Dow Jones’ respected MarketWatch and its prestigious advisory measurement service, Hulbert Financial Digest. This independent service, known as the “Consumer Reports” of the investment world, has ranked The Investment Reporter among the top advisories in the world in its annual ratings year after year for over twenty years.

The Hulbert rankings are no beauty contest.

They are based on cold, hard figures. Those figures add up to long-term success.

Gains as reported by Hulbert Financial Digest and Mark Hulbert as of March 31, 2023

Average of "Key stocks for your portfolio" from monthly Investment Planning Guide

Gain % Latest 12 Months 3 yr % 5 yr % 10 yr % 15 yr % 20 yr % 30 yr %
-13.43 +30.93 +10.71 +11.43 +11.02 +13.35 +12.77

Like the proverbial broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day, some mutual funds will top The Investment Reporter over a year or even two. But look down the road and the numbers clearly show that a subscription to the modestly priced Investment Reporter is the investor’s best friend.

My name is John Deman. I'd like to invite you to try The Investment Reporter at the lowest price possible and with no risk whatsoever. I would also like to send you a very special report and give you unlimited access to our exclusive web site, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

But before I get into that, first let me tell you about our Investment Planning Committee, because this is the group of investment experts who have managed to outperform Canada’s top fund managers year after year.

Armed with this background information, you can judge for yourself exactly how helpful The Investment Reporter is likely to be in planning your financial future.

A record for being right that is outstanding.

Call them “insiders.” Call them “smart money.” Call them whatever you want. But the record is perfectly clear: with the help of our Investment Planning Committee, a select group of investor-clients turn very, very comfortable profits in good times and in bad.

Canada’s best-informed investors follow the advice of this group of researchers, analysts, financial advisors and portfolio planners. Collectively, they are known as the Investment Planning Committee. Every week throughout the year, they publish their award-winning advice in the pages of the weekly Investment Reporter.

The “Investment Reporter's high ranking in the Hulbert survey is especially noteworthy, because Canadian stocks have trailed far behind U.S. stocks over the past five years”

— The Wall Street Journal

Their remarkable record of being right is not accidental. The Investment Reporter began serving Canadian investors in 1941. Our success in the many decades since then is based on very hard work and on sticking to sound investment fundamentals.

You benefit from over 75 years of profitable service to Canadians. The Investment Reporter is the only publication judged two years in a row as the “World’s Best Financial Advisory Newsletter” by the Newsletter Publishers Association (based in Washington, D.C.). Most of the world’s best-known investment advisories competed against us, including several from Canada with instantly recognizable household names.

It’s flattering for a small, quietly circulated Canadian financial advisory to be so widely acknowledged by newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. However, subscribers who’ve been with us over these many years have come to expect superior profit-making performance.

And why shouldn’t they? After all, that's what they pay for!

A Very Profitable Legacy

Picture of George Armstrong In the otherwise dark war year of 1941, Canadian investors received some very good news. It came from a man named George Armstrong.

He began an investment advisory service with one goal in mind — to give the average Canadian investor a fair shake in the market.

Then, “small” Canadian investors didn’t find good advice growing like wheat on the prairies. Brokerage firms devoted the lion’s share of their time to their wealthiest clients.

George Armstrong didn’t simply rectify that wrong. He changed the way Canadians look at investing ... and made many of them wealthy in the process.

A Canadian point of view

George Armstrong offered one asset that hadn’t existed before. He examined Canadian stocks from a Canadian point of view.

Until then, facts on Canadian equities were sparse. And, wrote George Armstrong, the worth of a stock “can only be determined by learning everything you can about the company, its markets, its competitive position in its industry, its history and its prospects for the future. Always, before you buy, get the facts.”

Regular reports from Mr. Armstrong began flowing to investors hungry for knowledge. Fact-filled assessments of the prospects of Canadian firms formed the bedrock of success for many investors who had previously been left in the dark.

What’s more, his philosophy of investing was backed with clear advice and specific “buy” and “sell” recommendations that marked out a path for investors to follow.

World-beating advice

Early on, George Armstrong made two decisions to ensure that his advisory service would endure:

First, he mandated complete independence. There would be no ties to any bank or brokerage firm. His company’s advice would never raise the least suspicion of self-interest in any of its “buy” and “sell” calls.

Second, he created the Investment Planning Committee. This group of independent analysts and advisers still meets every two weeks. The faces change, but the committee’s “buy,” “hold” and “sell” recommendations remain the most consistently profitable advice in Canada.

Today, George Armstrong’s legacy comes to Canadian investors every week in the advisory he founded, The Investment Reporter.

Mr. Armstrong would have been very proud of the steady — often spectacular — gains that have been chalked up by the editors who have succeeded him, working closely with their colleagues on the Investment Planning Committee.

The recognition of his advisory’s world-beating advice would have made George Armstrong smile. But he would be even happier to know that thousands of Canadian investors continue to profit from the investment philosophy that he established and nurtured.

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We’re not right 100% of the time. Just most often.

Now I realize you hear extraordinary claims from others (including other investment advisory publications). There’s no point trying to top these claims. I’ll let the public, documented record speak for itself.

Nor do we claim to be right 100% of the time, as do so many others. The real issue is “Who is right most often?”

Again, I’ll let the public, documented record speak for itself.

Today, I simply want to show you how in the coming difficult period the specific, no-nonsense advice of the award-winning Investment Reporter can help you to greater profits.

You profit from our total independence. You get unbiased advice.

“Published since 1941, this weekly is one of the best all-around sources of investing ideas for those with an eye to the long term. Safe and sound investing is practised here...”

— The Globe and Mail

You may have heard a lot of talk about “Chinese Walls.” As banks take over traditional investment firms, they promise to keep banking and brokerage operations separated by creating impenetrable Chinese Walls. The left hand is not supposed to know what the right hand is doing. (Or something like that.) Sounds good in theory.

A question you might ask is, “What side of the wall am I going to be on? On the outside looking in while the corporate clients get the best advice first? Am I really going to get ‘sell’ advice about an underwriting client, a generator of fat fees? Am I going to get any advice at all before the bank’s big clients make their move?”

Is the moon made of blue cheese?

You — and I — don’t really know the answer to those questions because buy and sell decisions can be skewed in many ways and for many legitimate purposes. But I think you’ll agree that banks and brokers have a reputation for being less than independent.

“Smart money” at least listens to independent advice.

However, because we have no special interests to serve, we can afford to be very blunt and very specific. Because we are not afraid of stepping on toes, you benefit from our independent and impartial advice.

Of course we listen to others. And our listening and research bring you accurate and up-to-date reports from the extensive studies we do with the leading industrial corporations, financial institutions, petroleum and mining companies.

But the advice you get and benefit from is totally our own.

We succeed or fail only on the value of that advice.

But so valuable is it that The Investment Reporter is on the “must reading” list at every major investment dealer, bank and trust company in Canada. And we have subscribers in the highest of financial places and in all corners of the globe. (You’ll be in very good company.)

When you “try” The Investment Reporter, here’s how you benefit:

You will benefit from opinions and recommendations that are blunt and unbiased.

We have no stocks, bonds or mutual funds to sell.

We have no connection with any investment dealer or bank or trust. Our views are completely independent and objective and have been that way for almost 75 years — since 1941.

AND ... you’ll receive no calls from salespeople because we have none.

PLUS ... you get a service tailored to you — the individual investor. Whether your investments are a few thousand dollars or several million, you can use The Investment Reporter.

How our independent advice helps you build growing profits.

When you “try” The Investment Reporter you actually get two advisories to help you profit and manage your investments wisely.

This Canadian “investment tortoise has beaten a lot of glamorous American hares — with a purposeful plod it's perfected over 5 decades.”

— Forbes

You get The Investment Reporter online weekly and, in addition, once each month you receive a bonus supplement, the “Investment Planning Guide.”

The remarkable “Investment Planning Guide” will help you improve the quality of your portfolio. You get model portfolios to follow for all types of investment situations.

We choose portfolios from an investment base we call “Key Stocks for Your Portfolio.” These Key Stocks have been under supervision by us for many years.

We’ve dissected and analyzed them. With your investment needs always in mind, we constantly refine, add to, and subtract from this base of Key Stocks.

Whether you are searching for income with highest safety or for total capital gains, our Key Stocks will help you return steady profits, year in and year out, with greatest safety.

Your investments will grow the safe and sure way because Key Stocks are selected for you to weather even the most severe market storms and return a steady stream of profits no matter what.

We analyze the risk for you and then spell it out in plain English.

You also benefit from our risk-rating system. You avoid nasty surprises because we analyze everything according to underlying risk.

Revealing Forecasts
for the Coming
180 Critical Days

Issued by the Investment Planning Committee, this surprising forecast reveals just what Canadian investors can expect in the all-important three months to come. Specific recommendations detail which stocks are “buys” — and which to “sell” or avoid. This inside report is yours FREE to thank you for taking a look at The Investment Reporter.

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Before we give you our recommendation or tell you anything about a company’s business, you know the risk. Every report you get on a stock has one of the following ratings printed right after the company name:

1. Very Conservative; 2. Conservative; 3. Average Risk;
4. Higher Risk; 5. Speculative.

You benefit because this five-category stock safety rating system, developed, refined and honed over the last half-century, helps remove so much of the risk for you. It is all there in plain, everyday English.

Your investment requirements are unlike those of anyone else. Our Investment Planning Committee recognizes this. You benefit because they prepare and shape their recommendations to meet your special needs.

Whether you follow our advice or not, applying our ratings against your current and future investments to see how they measure up can be worth much more than the modest cost of a subscription.

Acting on incomplete information is dangerous. Just because a company has a familiar everyday ring to its name does not guarantee that it will open its doors tomorrow.

There are many pitfalls to trap the unwary. The Investment Reporter helps you avoid them because it clearly spells out the risk for you.

No other investment advisory service in Canada does so much.

As an extra added bonus,
we select special situations for you
as “Best Buys of the Month.”

Our Investment Planning Committee is constantly on the lookout for special situations overlooked by others. Their potential for growth can be explosive — either on the income or capital gains side.

Only after digging through mountains of conflicting, confusing information are we finally ready to recommend one or two specials. This we do through a monthly service called “Best Buys of the Month.”

You must not miss these recommendations. This “Best Buys of the Month” feature alone could be worth more to you than the service costs.

BUT BEST OF ALL ... YOU GET “Best Buys of The Month” FREE because it is contained in the special supplementary Investment Planning Guide.

True profits — whether through income or gains — await informed investors. Don’t miss our “Best Buys of the Month.”

The Investment Reporter received the following letter
from a long-time subscriber

The Investment Reporter
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Toronto, ON M5H 3M8

Dear friends:

Please cancel my subscription to The Investment Reporter, effective May, 2003. I don't expect to add appreciatively to my wife's and my stock portfolio in the foreseeable future. Nor do we plan to sell.

Thanks to the Investment Reporter's advice we have accumulated over 10,000 shares of Canadian companies — mostly banks. The dividends now being received augment our (indexed) pensions as we had planned they should.

Our children are now self-sufficient and we own our home, so we now plan to enjoy our good health and financial freedom visiting and entertaining our MANY children, grandchildren, etc., and touring our home province in our motor home (paid for by dividends earned). Smug? — no. Grateful — yes!

The Investment Reporter is at the top of its field, offering sound and timely advice to conservative investors. I will tout its value at every opportunity.

Yours truly,

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Every issue of The Investment Reporter is posted online as soon as it is ready for press. Every issue comes to you packed with online extras. Each article contains additional facts, figures and advice that are not available in the paper edition. You will be alerted by e-mail the instant the issue goes up on

PLUS you can easily search for the Investment Planning Committee’s independent advice on any stock in Canada. You don’t have to spend hours looking through past issues for advice on a particular stock. All you have to do is type in the company name, press return and all the information is there for you to act on.

AND PLUS you get our exclusive Key Stock Analyst service. This important feature provides complete analytical coverage of The Investment Reporter’s “Key Stocks.” Each stock is covered in a detailed and tightly written 1-page report. You get reports that are packed full of information, condensed to be easy to read and easy to understand. Previously, this service was only available to subscribers who paid the full annual rate. Now you get the Key Stock Analyst FREE as part of your no-risk trial.

PLUS AS WELL you get e-mail alerts with vital data and the latest developments on the stocks covered in The Investment Reporter. Whenever there’s a major late-breaking development on any stock we are following, you are advised immediately. You always know how to act!
PLUS ... much, much more.

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There’s absolutely no obligation. Cancel whenever you want. And please remember our promise: no salespeople will ever call on you because we have none.

Specific advice you can act on
from the investment advisory ranked #1 in the world

When you “try” The Investment Reporter, here’s what you get:


YOU GET the award-winning Investment Reporter online. And it’s all taken on a trial basis. There’s no obligation and nothing you need return if you cancel.


AND YOU GET — every week — specific advice you can act on. The Investment Reporter tells you what to buy and exactly when you must sell. We’ve had several interesting “sells” recently. Are you holding any? Our views are independent and unbiased.


PLUS YOU ALSO GET OUR SPECIAL MONTHLY INVESTMENT PLANNING GUIDE. This practical, time-tested guide contains lists of Key Stocks to help make sure you build a portfolio of growing profits. This valuable guide is a FREE monthly “bonus extra.”


AND YOU GET model stock portfolios chosen from our unique listing of Key Stocks. Each portfolio is selected with your needs in mind. The contents of each portfolio are clearly explained and instructions for action are easy to follow.


AS WELL you receive our monthly “Best Buys of the Month.” These are special situations often overlooked by others. Their growth potential can be explosive. Don’t miss our “Best Buys.”


PLUS YOU ALSO GET “Revealing Forecasts for the Coming 180 Critical Days,” FREE, prepared by the financial advisory that outperformed every Canadian equity fund and the Toronto Stock Exchange over the last 20 years, according to the Hulbert Financial Digest. (This independent service is recognized by professionals as the “Consumer Reports” of the U.S. investment industry.)

BEST OF ALL ... YOU ARE ALWAYS PROTECTED BY OUR “GOOD-AS-GOLD” GUARANTEE, which lets you cancel at any time. You’ve no risk!

Normally investors pay $434.00 a year to receive the full Investment Reporter and service. BUT I DON’T EVEN ASK YOU TO CONSIDER THIS RATE EVEN THOUGH IT’S EXACTLY WHAT REGULAR CLIENTS PAY. Because we want you to test the service first, we’ve arranged a special introductory offer so you can try The Investment Reporter at the lowest possible cost.

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