The Little Book of Investment Knowledge
"Below are some of the investment ideas and knowledge you will gain from this remarkable little book. It's the knowledge that beats the market and everything else."

     In a real sense this book has not only been written by the The Investment Reporter's Investment Planning Committee but also by the thousands of successful "do-it-yourself investors" who have put that knowledge and advice to work for them.

     The "Little Book of Investment Knowledge" tells some of their stories. It gathers this invesment wisdom together in very special detail.

     You can use this time-tested insight for your own profit.


  • You get investment knowledge from the best and brightest investment minds in Canada. You don't get it in the form of a detailed encyclopedia. You get it in a simple collection of facts coupled with clear and specific advice that makes investing make sense.

  • You get the first rule for selling. Selling is the most controversial decision to be made in investing. You learn when you must sell.

  • You get clear and specific portfolio advice. In fact the "Little Book" gives you three model "life-cycle" investment portfolios adapted to your age and circumstances. You actually get:
    1. A growth portfolio;

    2. A balanced portfolio;

    3. An income portfolio.

         You get advice on how many stocks you need to buy to build a balanced portfolio.

         You also get a specific 12-point check list to follow before you buy or sell any stocks. This list is based on the Investment Planning Committee's time-tested rules for wise investing.

         And there's more in "The Little Book of Investment Knowledge". Much more! 

    George Armstrong our founder in 1941. Whose investment ideas have made many Canadians wealthy. This little book contains his "secrets".

    Here's our founder's
    amazing story

         When George Armstrong founded his company in 1941 he offered Canadians one asset that hadn't existed before.

         He examined Canadian stocks from a Canadian point of view. Until then, facts on Canadian equities were sparse.

         And, wrote George, the worth of a stock "can only be determined by learning everything you can about the company--its markets, its competitive position in its industry, its history and its prospects for the future. Also, before you buy, you must get the facts.

         What's more, his philosophy of investing was backed with clear advice and specific "buy" and "sell" recommendations that marked out a path for investors to follow.

         He also made two important decisions.

         First he mandated complete independence. As is still the case today, there would be no ties allowed to any brokerage firm or bank.

         His company's advice would never raise the least suspicion of self-interest in any of its "buy" and "sell" calls. It would be completely independent.

         Second he created The Investment Planning Committee.

         This group of independent analysts still meets regulary to discuss and make specific "buy", "sell" and "hold" recommendations.

         Their faces change, but the committee's specific and very clear recommendations constitute the most consistently, profitable investment advice in Canada.

         Today the Armstrong legacy comes to investors every week in the advisory he founded, The Investment Reporter.

         It is now delivered online at