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Gains as reported by Hulbert Financial Digest and Mark Hulbert as of March 31, 2023
Average of "Key stocks for your portfolio" from monthly Investment Planning Guide

Gain Latest
12 Months %
3 yr
5 yr
10 yr
15 yr
20 yr
30 yr
-13.43 +30.93 +10.71 +11.43 +11.02 +13.35 +12.77

How a little Canadian advisory outperformed every Canadian equity fund over the past 20 years and also beat the market indices.

Over the past 20 years, the modestly priced Investment Reporter has outperformed every Canadian equity mutual fund.

Here are the facts, as reported by the leading independent investment rating service:

FACT: Over a period of 20 years, from 1996 to 2016, The Investment Reporter's stock recommendations enjoyed a compound annualized return of 11.8 per cent. That's a fact!

Compare that with the 20-year compound annualized return for all Canadian equity mutual funds: just 6.0 per cent. The Investment Reporter's very profitable, very specific advice was the runaway winner!

FACT: Of the 24 Canadian equity mutual funds successful enough to stay in business over the past 20 years, the very best couldn’t match The Investment Reporter.

The numbers tell the story. The best equity fund in Canada had a 20-year compound annualized return of 10.5 per cent, a very respectable figure, but still short of The Investment Reporter’s 11.8 per cent.

This amazing performance may be news to some, but it's a familiar story to Dow Jones’ respected MarketWatch and its prestigious advisory measurement service, Hulbert Financial Digest.

Hulbert has ranked The Investment Reporter among the top advisories in the world in its annual ratings year after year for two decades.

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